A Thousand Suns CD Album

A Thousand Suns CD Album

Price : $9.99 , compared to buying all songs, Label: Warner Bros. Copyright: 2010 Warner Bros. Records Inc. Total Length: 1:35:38. There is 15 mp3 songs and also available in CD Format.»

Linkin Park 8-bit Theory

Download Linkin Park 8-bit Theory by Keaton Hashimoto

A music composer named Keaton Hashimoto made an 8-bit album called “8-Bit Theory”. It in reference to the band’s debut Hybrid Theory, about only 58% of the album is featured here. But to make it better, Keaton Hashimoto decided to include songs from Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, Meteora, Minutes to Midnight and their song from the Transformers movie, New Divide. »

The Next Transformers

The Next Transformers

One of my partner Rendy Noor Avianto best known as a Martch 24 imagine about the next transformers which will be appeared in the next transformers movie. He illustrates a Vespa (an Italian scooter) and a Honda Vario (an automatic scooter) become robots. »

8-Bit Rebellion (iPad Edition is Also Available)

8-Bit Rebellion (iPad Edition is Also Available)

From the Linkin Park imagination comes 8-Bit Rebellion, the only game that turns Linkin Park's world into your gaming reality. Get the game on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Now! »

Linkin Park Come to Indonesia

Iridescent 8-Bit Version by Astronoise

A music artist named Aditya Reza Saputra best known as Astronoise has been upload his new song in his Soundcloud account. Using some software like Fruity Loop include extra VST plugins and LSDJ which installed in his gameboy, he rewrite the "Iridescent" become an 8-Bit song. Have you ever play 8-Bit Rebellion game? Like what you have heard before, there are many song in 8-Bit version in an 8-Bit Rebellion game. And this song has the same genre with all song in that game. Play, download, and give your advice about this song! »

"The Old LP Logo" Become a New LPU Exclusive Merchandise

LP Underground announce that they have publish some 2011 LPU exclusive merchandise. They reproduce Linkin Park logo on a t-shirt from the Hybrid Theory album.

Now, this super soft t-shirt is available special for LPU members. Although this will start shipping at February, you should order now but this t-shirt is limited edition.

Mike Shinoda Wants an Unique Ideas for iHeartRadio

Yesterday, Mike posted in his official blog about he will update the LP Radio station "iHeartRadio". He wants an unique ideas for the iHeartRadio. Maybe all of you can give some inspiration or suggest an ideas for him. You may ask a question you want answered too. Go here to help him to get a fresh idea.

LPTV Release New Episode

Mike Shinoda has been post a new LPTV episode from the Secret Show for Japan at Mayan, Los Angeles on LinkinPark.com. Watch this video below!

Billboard Film and TV Music Conference with Mike Shinoda

October 24-25, 2011 Mike Shinoda will be attending Billboard Hollywood Reporter Film and TV Conference at the Renaissance Hotel, Hollywood. Mike has made a film named The Raid and in this TV conference, he will sharing about his experience for making a film.

Vote Linkin Park in PCA 2012

Now, you can voting Linkin Park for "People's Choice Award" nomination. There are five bands will being nominated. You can also choose them in Favorite Music Video category includes Burning in the Skies, Waiting For the End, Iridescent by choosing Other and write the song name and the band.
Click here to vote Linkin Park as often as you can vote it.

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