Dave Phoenix

Phoenix was born on February 08,1977 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He growth into a musical family. He learn how to play guitar from his mother and his older brother as an inspiration to play the instrument. At the age of 5, he moved to Mission Viego, California and joined a punk group named 'Tasty Snax' in his high school. Since that, Phoenix has changed his instrument from guitar to bass.

After Phoenix graduated from his high school, he went to UCLA where he met Brad Delson who invited him to joined the band Xero as a bassist. Phoenix accepted and after that, he recorded Xero for the sampler tape in 1977.

He has left the Xero to tour with Tasty Snax while Xero changed that name to Hybrid Theory and recorded their EP. After that, Xero were signed to Warner and became Linkin Park. When Phoenix take over for touring bassist Scott Koziol, Linkin Park recorded the One Step Closer clip video. This is why Phoenix doesn't appear in that video. But in 2000, Phoenix became a permanent member in Linkin Park.

Background Information :

Birth Name   : David Michael Farrel
Born               : February 08, 1977
Origin             : Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Instruments   : Bass guitar, backing vocals
Endorsement : Ernie Ball basses, Dean Markley strings, Ampeg amps, Dunlop picks and accessories
Twitter              : @phoenixlp

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