Iridescent Trading Cards

"Super Fun Trading Fun-Cards have arrived! Collect all SIX of us to unlock your mystery prize. May the digital glow light your way." Brad Delson said on his twitter. Click here to discuss the Iridescent Trading Cards. Enter this page first and then flip the card, share it on facebook or twitter, then you'll receive a code that you enter here.

Joe’s trading card:
Chester’s trading card:
Mike’s trading card:
Rob’s trading card: 103.1 The Buzz
Brad’s trading card:
Phoenix’s trading card:
After you have finished you will get an exclusive download of Linkin Park’s entire performance in Red Square Moscow.

2 Responses to Iridescent Trading Cards

  1. ahmed20xx says:

    i cant find Phoenix’s card

  2. Go to this link
    Flip the card
    share to twitter or facebook
    and get the code :D

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