The Next Transformers

One of my partner Rendy Noor Avianto best known as a Martch 24 imagine about the next transformers which will be appeared in the next transformers movie. He illustrates a Vespa (an Italian scooter) and a Honda Vario (an automatic scooter) become robots. Anytime you can cantact him if one of you want to his design would be realized in your merchandise t-shirt, cd cover, banner, etc. 

I hope Michael Bay (a film director of transformers) view this picture and will feature this next transformers in Transformers 4. Enjoy it.

5 Responses to The Next Transformers

  1. hehe..i hope i can work with michael bay movie..thanks duse..

  2. Why are you still klewung when you write a something?LOL

  3. NoNa doRa says:

    hahaaa, creative. great autobots. siapa namanya?

  4. @tedi..hahaha damn my fool is terible

  5. @Nona Dora you can call them varimi and vespamiyah,haha

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