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A Thousand Suns Songbook is Available Now

A Thousand Suns Songbook is available to buy now on Linkin Park's official online store. Buy this songbook and you can get a free t-shirt if you buy two or more of equal value. This advancement will expire on September, 6th.

Download Linkin Park 8-bit Theory by Keaton Hashimoto

A music composer named Keaton Hashimoto made an 8-bit album called “8-Bit Theory”. It in reference to the band’s debut Hybrid Theory, about only 58% of the album is featured here.  But to make it better, Keaton Hashimoto decided to include songs from Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, Meteora, Minutes to Midnight and their song from the Transformers movie, New Divide.

European Tour Part Two LPTV Video

Linkin Park have uploaded their European Tour Video part 2 on YouTube, watch it below!

Listen and Download Sound of Chester at the Kroq Radio

Chester has just on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean show Agust, 18th.
He discussed about the secret show Music for Relief Japan that he mentions where it will be showed. He spoke that so much money has been raised passing their initial goal of $250K, with $270K raised, they are moving venues.

Announcement of Secret Show Venue

Linkin Park uploaded a video about announcement of Secret Show Music for Relief for Japan. Visit for more info and check this video!

Brad Delson Video Chat with LPU

LP Underground posted on their facebook account :

"Brad will be video chatting with LPU members this Friday, August 19 at 3pm PT in the LPU chat room."

Deluna Festival Announcing Video

Read this article and watch the announcing video which has been posted by Linkin Park about Deluna festival below.

Linkin Park will be closing out the DeLuna Festival in Pensacola, FL on Sunday, October 16. GA and VIP 3 day passes are available now at LP Underground members will be able to purchase discounted 3 day event passes, as well as a single day pass which is good just for the October 16 performances starting Thursday, August 18 at 10am CT. This single day pass is only available through the LPU.

Linkin Park Likes Pinoy food

Brad Delson has interviewed with about the schedule of Linkin Park live perform in Singapore and remembers the best food he had in the Philippines back in 2004.
“I tasted the best chicken (barbeque) in the Philippines. It was served during the concert. We could not forget that,” Brad Delson told The STAR in an exclusive phone interview.

Linkin Park Live at Jakarta Indonesia 2011 ad video

Linkin Park will performing at Stadion Utama GBK Jakarta, Indonesia September, 21st. "BigDaddy" the organizers also have something to do that the potential audience feel more involved. Click here for more details and you can also watch this tv commercial below.

Lady Gaga Lawsuit won't stop Linkin Park for helping Japan

"We asked Linkin Park about the Lady Gaga bracelet lawsuit and if it's affecting they way they do things with Music For Relief."
Watch the video below!

Linkin Park Secret Show (Update)

Phoenix has new information to encourage fans to raise funds for the secret show for Japan in Los Angeles. Read Phoenix’s letter below!

Hey everyone,
There are only 14 more days to earn tickets to our secret show for Japan tsunami relief. If you haven’t started yet or if you haven’t reached your goal to earn two tickets, there’s still time. We can’t disclose the venue yet, but let me assure you, it is the smallest room that we’ve played in years. And as an added incentive for helping us provide aid to Japan, once you reach your goal of $500, for every additional $250 you raise, we will give you another ticket to the show.

New Exhibit Features Dean Guitars Painted by Rock Legends

Dean Guitars is ready to reveal an impressive collection of electric guitars hand-painted, illustrated and sculpted by a group of hard-rock legends; including Ozzy Osbourne, Korn’s Jonathan Davis, and Slayer’s Kerry King. The axes are shown as part of the show six-string master and promotes awareness and support for music education projects. Taking place in the Mesa Arts Center Museum in Phoenix, the exhibition also includes guitars personalized by Scott Ian (Anthrax), Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Les Claypool (Primus), Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Munky (Korn), and Bret Michaels. In addition to the rock royalty lending their hand to the cause, renowned tattoo artists, such as Aaron Cain, along with an assortment of important visual artists, like Mark Dean Veca, and even NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick have also put forward their own unique designs for the show.

Chester's Conversation With Noisecreep About Upcoming Japan Tsunami Benefit Show

Linkin Park are playing a secret show in an intimate venue in Los Angeles August 31st as a "reward" for their fans, who are challenged to raise money for Music for Relief charity that benefits of Japan tsunami Relief.
They will invite a guest to attend the show for each fan who raises $ 500 for charity . Fundraising is begin August 24th and if you win more than $ 500, you'll enjoy benefits such meeting, signed band instruments and watch the show while on stage.
Noisecreep discussed with Chester Bennington for this charity initiative to raise awareness for this and the band has called on his followers to make a donation of an asset that makes text do. It's a smart way to fans of social change to attract and teach them how to change their behavior when it comes to helping others.
Hopefully, when you finish reading this interview below, you will begin your fundraising effort.

European Tour LPTV Video

LPTV uploaded a new video on Linkin Park’s official YouTube account. Watch this video below!

Download The Teapot Chapters (Chapter 01 - Teabags) Game

"After a rebellion, there is only tea time..."
The game made by Keaton Hashimoto, the same man who made LPAMAN & The Missing Phoenix. Linkin Park: The Teapot Chapters is a brand new fan created game, the 6 members of Linkin Park (or "Champions"), in a uniquely strange quest that is only possible through the unique mind of LPA's very own Keaton Hashimoto. It isn't like LPAMAN that was released all at once, and including over 60 levels.
The Teapot Chapters is a new type of game which be expected to be published in periodic format and continued over the next few months as more levels become available for download through I hope you enjoy this game. Thanks for downloading.

Mike Shinoda OP-1 Demo Video

Mike Shinoda uploaded a new demo video on his official YouTube account. He were playing around with Teenage Engineering’s OP-1. Watch the video below!

Linkin Park Live Perform at Singapore F1 (Update)

Singapore GP will published the full range of entertainment for the end of this month. The performances will be held at 15:00 to 00:30. The race will begin at 08.00 local time and Linkin Park are performing after that.The Sale of F1 tickets for the concert will start from August 1 to August 22. Check your email for more information on where to collect it.
LPU members going to the show can now RSVP to sign up for Meet & Greets. You will be contacted if you are selected and notified on the time for the meet and greet.

Bleed It Out Video - Linkin Park Live Perform in Moscow uploaded a preview of "Bleed it Out" Linkin Park live perform in Red Square Moscow, Rusia. Watch this video below. It is also will air on MTV on Friday (August 5th) at 11 P.M.

Winning Linkin Park Signed Drumhead

"JVC is giving away a signed drumhead we used on tour. Click the link below, then click the "Like" button at the top of the page to enter."
Linkin Park posted on its wall. Click here, click like button, and after that you can fill your information (The competition is only to over 18 years old of US residents).

Download Mike Shinoda at "Get Up On This"

Yesterday, Mike Shinoda was the first special guest at the "Get Up On This" (a podcast hosted by Jensen Karp).
Read this article below and you can also download the MP3 audio from the smodcast.

"Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park joins Jensen for the premiere episode and talks about the resurgence of the 90's, why Alien Ant Farm may be relevant this Halloween, airbrushed overalls, Spotify, a guest call-in from DA of Chester French, Sonos, the Humblebrag, Americana, how we're late on Hunger Games and The Walking Dead, and many other things you'll need to know about."

Crazy Fan Video

Watch this fun video. Maybe it's look like a stupid boy, but I think it doesn't make a trouble because it can make you said "lot of laugh". :D

New LPU TV Episodes

A Couple of new LPU TV Episodes has been released. It includes the LPU Summit recap in Hamburg. Check these out here.

Bid Mr. Hahn's Turntable

Mr. Hahn had just take part in the Pioneer DJ Art Mix Tour July, 21. You may bid on this Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000 turntable which he painted, all proceeds from the auction will go to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation which is working to restore instrumental music education programs in schools. Bidding begin at $400 and the auction will end Tuesday, 23 August 2011 12:08:00 PM EDT

Evo Transformers (Pencil Drawing Art by Martch24)

It's just an imagination. Martch24 imagined a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X become a Transformers. Would you like it?

LPU Chat With Chester

Chester has just taken part in video chats about 50 minutes with members of the LPU. Read this summaries of the chats below!

Next record: a different sound, but it is too early to say what it will sound like.
He loves bacon.
Hardest obstacle when making ATS: getting out of their comfort zone, and not repeating when theyve done before, it's not an easier to secure location
Another Dead By Sunrise record: Perharps, he says he probably will, but when he doesn't occupied wiht Linkin Park, which will probably be a long time.

Mike Shinoda (by : Jiang Shen)

A member of named Jiang Shen made this art to you. Hope you enjoy it.

Jay-Z, Timbaland Sued For $5 Million Over 'Big Pimpin'

Ahab Joseph Nafal filed a $5,000,000 lawsuit on July 23rd in United States District Court, Central District of California.
The lawsuit revolves around the use of the song “Khosara, Khosara,” which Timbaland sampled in Jay-Z's 2000 hit single "Big Pimpin' who's named in the lawsuit along with Roc-A-Fella Records, Def Jam, Warner Music Group, Linkin Park (over a remixed version) and Def Jam.
Lawyers argued that "Khosara, "Khosara" was created in 1957 and was governed by the 1909 Copyright Act and not the 1976 Copyright Act.

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