Download The Teapot Chapters (Chapter 01 - Teabags) Game

"After a rebellion, there is only tea time..."
The game made by Keaton Hashimoto, the same man who made LPAMAN & The Missing Phoenix. Linkin Park: The Teapot Chapters is a brand new fan created game, the 6 members of Linkin Park (or "Champions"), in a uniquely strange quest that is only possible through the unique mind of LPA's very own Keaton Hashimoto. It isn't like LPAMAN that was released all at once, and including over 60 levels.
The Teapot Chapters is a new type of game which be expected to be published in periodic format and continued over the next few months as more levels become available for download through I hope you enjoy this game. Thanks for downloading.

The Trailer

Click here to download the game

Game Zip Including :

LPTEA Executable File (Approxiametely 6MB in size)
Teapot Chapters Manual PDF File

Left-Right: Move Currently Selected "Champion"
Space : Fire
Up : Jump
Down : Drop Down (only usable on certain types of terrain)
Enter : Pause/Change "Champion"

NOTE: This game is in no way officially tied with the actual band Linkin Park, and is a fan-game made for fun. It should in no way be taken as an attempt to violate copyrights or make fun of the band. Sprites/graphics used in game are remakes, drawn from scratch, or modified from other works.


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