Linkin Park Secret Show (Update)

Phoenix has new information to encourage fans to raise funds for the secret show for Japan in Los Angeles. Read Phoenix’s letter below!

Hey everyone,
There are only 14 more days to earn tickets to our secret show for Japan tsunami relief. If you haven’t started yet or if you haven’t reached your goal to earn two tickets, there’s still time. We can’t disclose the venue yet, but let me assure you, it is the smallest room that we’ve played in years. And as an added incentive for helping us provide aid to Japan, once you reach your goal of $500, for every additional $250 you raise, we will give you another ticket to the show.
So if you raise $750 you will get 3 tickets and if you raise $1000 you will get 4 tickets and so on. Go to to learn more and get started.
Thanks for your support and good luck.


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