LPU Chat With Chester

Chester has just taken part in video chats about 50 minutes with members of the LPU. Read this summaries of the chats below!

Next record: a different sound, but it is too early to say what it will sound like.
He loves bacon.
Hardest obstacle when making ATS: getting out of their comfort zone, and not repeating when theyve done before, it's not an easier to secure location
Another Dead By Sunrise record: Perharps, he says he probably will, but when he doesn't occupied wiht Linkin Park, which will probably be a long time.

Camp Freddy – he'd like to do another show of Camp Freddy, if Linkin Park have finished the tour.
Tattoos – loves dragons and kois, he loves the legend of the koi fish become a dragons.
People who get his tattos – he prefers it if they dont, he says its kinda weird.
He says he’ll get tattoos as long as he has skin, tattoos and Club Tattoo are a big part of his life.
Super excited for the show from Japan and play with B'z
Covers: they’re picky about the covers they play live, he mentioned when they have played NIN and Deftones covers when they didnt have enough songs to fill a long set.
He adopted a kitten named Henry
The most important lesson which was he learned in the last 10 years – to calm down take things easy, he says that now he is older.
They will maybe play Robot Boy live someday, he wants to play ATS in its entirety live another day.
Maintaining his voice: the first few days on tour are usually the most difficult, but he does not do anything special to maintain his voice.
Hardest song to sing: Crawling and With You, because its one long note the whole time.
Someone asked about lyric translations he says he didn’t know much about how that gets done.
Write his autobiography: He’s thought about it, but he enjoys his privacy and doesn’t know if he wants everyone to know the good stuff.
He hasn’t seen the new Harry Potter but prefers it to car.
He hasn’t been listening to much music now, but he's writing a new music.
Saw: It was a lot of fun, he enjoyed it, he would like to be in more movies but he doesn’t know if he is a good actor, he thought the movie could be better.
LPU songs live: he believes that could work in a small setting, but not in an arena or festival with casual fans.
He prefers bigger crowds, he finds smaller ones more nerve racking.
HT live songs - the songs that are playing from the HT songs is still love to play, he likes to watch the the crowd explode when they play, say "One Step Closer".
Hybrid Theory was the most difficult of his albums to do, and they were still figuring things out with his songs and whose voice is going to where things were easier after that.
He enjoyed playing download and he loves the festival.
He enjoys screaming, it's fun for him, and it sounds good, but he wants to do other things with his voice too, and hopes to sing again when he is 65 years old.
The chicken is something that he enjoys doing with Brad to create the atmosphere before going on stage, such a good mood on a stage.

He loves to cook, cooking is one of his activity if he wasn’t in a band.
He likes to tour with Muse.
He said an acoustic tour would be fun, and said it would be good if him and Mike did an acoustic show.
MAP Fund - held that the messenger was appropriate for such an event.
The bands that inspire him – Alice In Chains, Ministry, Stone Temple Pilots, Depeche mode are his favourite bands that he's paid attention to.
Writing process – changed in the last 10 years, after working with other friends and other producers, he says that Mike and Brad are great song writers. He used to want to make a song sound great, now he wants a song to be great rather than sound great, and they’re the songs they want on the album.
DBS – he would like to release other DBS stuff (acoustic stuff) but he doesn’t know if it will be possible.
He wasn't nervous trying out to Linkin Park. In his mind they were auditioning for him as much as he was auditioning, he thought he had the job and if they didn’t see it then they were wrong. The demo which he received is a "A Place For My Head" demo.
It has been suggested to play all the songs on the LP from beginning to end, he said he would do it. In response to the “is nu-metal dead?” and he said, "I hope so".
He doesn't think they will play Easier To Run again, Dave doesn't like it.
Chester doesn't like Runaway.
Favourite LP songs – Breaking The Habit, and Papercut.
He said he likes The Little Things Give You Away.
He gets weird gifts from fans all the time, he was given asparagus and dips.
He drives a Honda Insight.
He says he can’t grow a beard.
Blackout was the most difficult to write songs of A Thousand Suns. He did a scat (original medlody by making sounds) and it was difficult to put words to it, and it was written in 3 parts, so they had to make sure they fit together.
He forgets lyrics all the time.
The most beautiful place I've ever seen is Norway.
He would like to see Russia in the winter.
Games like Rockband / Guitar Hero – he said they were the greatest contributiuion to music in this time.
They try to change the set list everytime they go out.
He likes Incubus, Mastodon, and Slipknot.
He also likes Madonna
Amy Whinehouse was very talented and it sucks that she died.
Best video ever made: Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers
He hopes to play Switzerland in the winter so he can snowboard.
Favourite movie – The Princess Bride.
Favourite Transformer – Bumblebee.
He says that he likes football / soccer.
Favourite cartoon – Spongebob Square Pants
He likes Spongebob more than Patrick.
Favourite Beatles song – Strawberry Fields.
Favourite Oasis song – Wonderwall.
He thinks that Jonathan Davies is awesome and I love working with him.
Bugs bunny favourite cartoon growing up.
He is not comfortable playing guitar live, he was late starting to learn instruments.
He has a couple of snowboards, he likes Signal snowboards.
He says bullriders are “the craziest motherfuckers on earth”.
He recommends the book “The Devils are here”.
Chester and Mike haven’t really fought in the band. They all have healthy relationships within the band.
He actually never did a song with Travis Barker.


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