Linkin Park Live at Grandprix Formula 1 Singapore Video

Linkin Park performed the latest Asian tour at Singapore Grand Prix F1 Sept, 25th. There's a setlist when Linkin Park are performing in Singapore includes the videos.
Setlist (courtesy of LPAssociaton & LPTimes).

1. Moscow Intro
2. New Divide

3. From The Inside
4. One Step Closer
5. Lying From You
6. Given Up
7. What I’ve Done


8. No More Sorrow
9. Jornada Del Muerto
10. Waiting For The End

11. Wisdom, Justice And Love
12. Iridescent

13. Numb
14. The Radiance
15. Breaking The Habit
16. Shadow Of The Day
17. Fallout
18. The Catalyst
19. In The End

20. Papercut
21. Faint
22. Bleed It Out (A Place For My Head + Drum Solo over bridge)

You can watch the others video from SingaporeWoWScreen, VJSkratch, and 1208zac.

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